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Safari Tent repairs

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Safari Tents | UK Camping | Tent Repairs | Tent maintenance

Maintenance of Safari Tents, glamping pods and more

Here at Fabricworks you will find us working with most things fabric related, specialising in tensile structures, exhibition stands, stretch ceilings and shade sails. As you can see, the list doesn’t end there.

Safari tents, safari tent repairs, craftmen repairing tents, old sail making techniques
Using old age sail making technique to sew a new safari tent door in place

Our company is very well known in the glamping tent industry due to our high standards using both modern and old sail-making techniques to repair and maintain canvas tents. We maintain a high number of fabric structures for large holiday parks through to small one-off boutique glamping sites. Offering annual checks on your safari tents, bell tents and glamping pods throughout the UK. Helping protect your investment ensuring your tent can stand up to the harsh UK climate.

Our team use hand stitching and patching methods to repair and strengthen any weak points that may have occurred over the years, due to the wear and tear these tents experience.

We work with you to solve any issues you may have with repairing zips, windows or replacing door panels and more. Once we have an idea of the job in hand, normally done by the client sending photos of the areas in question. I will then give you a quote and if you’re happy we will book you in and send two craftsmen, which is needed for this technique to be carried out.

For information please feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote

Safari Tent Alterations

Additional doorways and fire escapes, retrofit windows, shade sails, sidewalls, windbreak and weather shields.

Safari Tent Repairs

Replacement zips, zippers, zip stops, replacement Velcro, replacement window panels, main PVC roof repairs including hot-air welding. Toggles and tabs.

Safari Tents | Clear Sky Safari Tents | Fabric Maintenance | Tent Repairs

Made in Britain Member

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It’s official, Fabricworks is now a member of Made in Britain!


“The made in Britain logo supports and promotes the British market.

Enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products.

The Made in Britain logo stands for quality, value and high standards.

At fabricworks we have always been proud of our Southwest routes and therefore, it is important for us to work together with local companies and suppliers above favouring lower-cost foreign options.

| Made in Britain | British Manufacturing | British made products |

A major innovation-Serving the fight against Coronaviruses

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Over the past few weeks Fabricworks have been working tirelessly with the Serge Ferrari group to bring you the AGIVIR™ STICK’ON.

A protective adhesive membrane that covers surfaces to reduce the spread of Coronaviruses and solution to combat the current pandemic. The Serge Ferrari group has developed a technology based on silver particles which makes its surfaces virucidal.

Working in close association with Serge Ferrari and being a specialist in the field of fabric we have now become the UK’s distributor and supplier of this product.

With Fabricworks wealth of knowledge with fabric and installation puts us well placed to assist you with your AGIVIR purchase, be it ex-works or a full installation package.

You can use AGIVIR STICK’ON for a number of purposes.

This product will be very popular in hospitals, hotels, offices, supermarkets, public houses, shops, transport areas to name a few.

AGIVIR STICK'ON covering to stop the spread of coronavirus
AGIVIR STICK’ON covers reception desks, hot desks, customer service desks, bar counters and shop counters to stop these high traffic public areas spreading coronaviruses
Using AGIVIR STICK'ON to cover handles in high traffic areas such as entrance doors, bus handles, railings etc
Using AGIVIR STICK’ON to cover handles in high traffic areas such as entrance doors, bus handles, railings etc

Using AGIVIR STICK’ON could be beneficial to cover handles on buses, entrance doors to buildings, turnstyles, stair railings, grab bars, fridge door handles etc

Using AGIVIR STICK'ON to cover hand railings in high traffic areas
Using AGIVIR STICK’ON to cover handles in high traffic areas such as entrance doors, bus handles, railings etc
Using AGIVIR STICK'ON as a covering on shopping trolleys
Using AGIVIR STICK’ON as a covering on shopping trolleys, reducing the spread of coronaviruses in this high traffic public area.

Lends itself perfectly to ex-works supply as it’s simple to cut and install by a competent individual.

Easy to install
Watch this short video to see how to install

We can also provide AGIVIR COVER, a non-adhesive lightweight and adaptable membrane for all existing partitions (divider walls, barriers, box partitions) with a high end look and feel.

Using AGIVIR, which is different to the STICK'ON but using the same technology. This is used as room dividers in hospitals, doctor surgeries, restaurants, retail changing rooms to name a few.
AGIVIR COVER, which is different to the STICK’ON but using the same technology. Can be used as room dividers in hospitals, doctor surgeries, restaurants, retail changing rooms, exhibition halls, to name a few.
Using AGIVIR STICK'ON to cover coat room hangers
Using AGIVIR COVER to cover coat room hangers in the hospitality and corporate industries.

For more information and data please download our brochure below:

If you have any questions, would like to receive a sample or place an order please contact Gareth at gcridland@fabricworks.co.uk or phone 07939 291 666

Production at the Sail loft

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A few samples of fabric manufacturing at the Sail loft in Cheddar, Somerset

Our Fabric manufacturing UK company is able to work with all businesses, company’s and individuals.

Including exhibitions, events, museums, retail, stadiums, interior and exterior projects

We work throughout the whole of the UK and beyond. Manufacturing and printing your fabric products within our Workshop in the Southwest of England.

Tri-sail banners being manufactured in our UK fabric workshop
Manchester Airport | Tensile structure | UK Manufacturing | Signage | Advertising

Above you can see a bespoke fabric production for the new tri-sail banners at Manchester Airport. Here you can see vinyl graphics being placed onto the tensile structure

Aesewing | Juki | Productivity | UK Manufacturing | UK Fabric
Pelmet | School Shades | UKMFG | Ferrari | HF Welding | Tensile structures

Above you can see Dan welding pvc with our Fiab HF Welder. He is working on a colourful bespoke Pelmet for one of our school projects which we get involved with.

Showing a man using a sewing machine to repair fabric
Sewing | UK Manufacturing | Fabric Repairs |

Above you can see Colin during and stage 2 of a canopy refurbishment. Renewing stitching with UV stable thread and adding reinforcing patches giving additional strength.

Examples of wide format print being finished at our sail loft, ready for exworks delivery for our clients.

DT SRUCTURES – www.dtstructures.com tension fabric structures

Fabricworks.co.uk | Manufacturing and Printing Fabric Products | Wide Format Print | Tensile Structures | UK Fabric

Fabricworks design and build

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It’s always a pleasure working with businesses creating fabric work from start to finish and seeing the final creation.

Emma Morgan Photography recently enquired regarding the creation of an exhibition stand for her up and coming Wedding Shows.

Emma had an idea in her mind of what commercial exhibition stand she was looking for, after visiting many expos around the UK from the National Wedding show’s in the NEC Arena Birmingham to the Wedding Show in Exeter’s Westpoint.

Being a photographer image quality was key to Emma to showcase her work. With this in mind I designed and manufactured an easy to install frame, with a high quality block out fabric using a dye sublimation print process.

The biggest compliment for us throughout the day was that Emma got asked on a number of occasions where she sourced her picture frames from, only to be told that they were part of the image and printed on the fabric.

It was a delight to work with Emma who made our job easy who supplied us with high res images ready to print and was a great help on site.

I assisted on site to build the stand which was complete in 30 minutes, with plenty of time for a cuppa afterwards.

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Autocad UK designer
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Project management and design
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Tensile fabric structures
Fabricworks | Aluminium frame | Fabric Wall | Tension Fabric printing | Fabric Print |Exworks |

Designers of Tension Fabric Structures for exhibitions, conferences, events, museums, retail , interior and exterior projects.

Our structures come in a range of shapes and sizes: fabric curved fascias, fabric circular structures, fabric squares and cubes, fabric arches, tunnels and domes, fabric cones, fabric walling and screens

DT Structures – www.dtstructures.com – Tension fabric structures

Roxy Cinema Bespoke Cone

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Fabricworks | Southwest Tensile Structures | Fabric Structures | Bespoke Canopy

Roxy Cone

Roxy Cone

It was a pleasure to be working with Tony Hogg again www.tonyhoggdesign.co.uk on this bespoke canopy for Roxy Cinema Axbridge www.axbridgeroxy.org.uk/about-us/  creating valuable space for the smallest cinema in England.

The brief was to have something that was lightweight and easy to erect when required, we decided with Tony that the FW-500FR would be ideal. Using 25mm twin stitched taped seams and a heavy webbing edge detail as well as Velcro tabs for securing lights we were able to manufacture this bespoke conical structure.

Roxy Cinema Axbridge

36 High St


BS26 2AF

07725 051523

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