Ferrari Fabrics

Ferrari fabric in our opinion is one of the best fabric available on the market today.

A Precontraint fabric that offers:

  • High-tenacity polyester micro-yarn base cloth
  • Coating under warp and weft tension throughout the manufacturing cycle
  • A high-performance polymer surface layer
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Long-term strength
  • Greater coating thickness at the top of the yarns
  • Exceptional flatness

If you join this with Ferrari recycling program (Texyloop) then the question should be why are you not using this fabric.

Serge Ferrari invests more than 1% of its turnover in the design and industrial implementation of a recycling process: Texyloop®.
Back in 1998, Serge Ferrari laid the foundations of recycling technology that is now operational at industrial stage. This technology called Texyloop is unique in the world.It provides materials with a second life and facilitates implementation of environmental offers in line with the expectations of major order placers.
The Texyloop operational recycling chain comprises a collection network, a sorting facility, an industrial facility and several re-usage chains including re-integration of material in certain Serge Ferrari ranges.

Click on the links below to view the spec sheets:

Key FR = Flame Retardant PVC.

Ferrari 402
Ferrari 502 Satin
Ferrari 502 S2
Ferrari 602
Ferrari 611 
Ferrari 702 S2
Ferrari 705
Ferrari 6002
Ferrari 832
Ferrari 905

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