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Ferrari Meshes

The Soltis range from Ferrari are now leading the way when it comes to solar protection for both internal and external applications. Used widley throughout europe for many years this fabric is now being taken up by the masses here in the UK.

The wide range of colour make it ideal for both professionals and private owners.

The Soltis 86 & 92 meet M1 & B1 and conform to the Euroclass of B-s2,d0/EN 13501-1. (please see the spec sheets below for more information).

Precontraint 392S2 Mesh is a large robust mesh FR to M1, B1 ideal for exterior applications, and safety sidewalls and ceilings.

Click on the links below for spec sheets:


Soltis 92 – Please click to zoom.


Soltis 86 – Please click to zoom.


Precontraint 392 S2- Please click to zoom.

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